what is fleet management

What is Fleet Management?

what is fleet managment

This blog post aims to answer the question ‘What is Fleet Management?’

First of all, and unsurprisingly, Fleet Management is any activity related to the managing of a fleet of vehicles. This includes those people who have the role of fleet manager. But it can also include those people who look after an organisation’s vehicles as part of their job, as well as smaller business owners. Many people do this as part of their job along with many other functions. Typically an Office Manager, PA or Facilities Manager picks up the task of Fleet Management.

When does a group of vehicles become a fleet? There is no rule to this but we tend to think that once you’ve got five to ten vehicles you can safely call it a fleet. Certainly over ten is generally considered to be a fleet.

What is Fleet Management? It can include any of the following activities;

  • Ordering new lease vehicles for existing employees. 
  • Deciding on the car options open to people who have a company vehicle. 
  • Deciding on the budgets allowed to different roles in the organisation who have access to company vehicles. 
  • Deciding on policies to do with emissions, diesel v petrol & electric vehicles. 
  • Organising new vehicles for new employees. 
  • Keeping information on file for each driver including name, address, driving licence number, copy of driving licence, vehicle driven. 

What is Fleet Management? Vehicle replacement

The purpose of fleet management is to run the fleet as efficiently as possible. Any vehicle is really just a means to an end. It is a tool for people to do their job and the fleet manager has to enable them to do this as easily as possible.

As organisations get bigger they develop policies for many functional areas. These include policies to do with fleet management. Typical policies include:

  • Where to source vehicles, for example; OVL Group Limited.
  • Brands of vehicles allowed, for example; VW, Ford & Nissan.
  • Price bands, or budgets allowed for different roles, for example; sales representative £250 – £295 / per calendar month ex VAT.