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Fleet Management Software for small to medium sized fleets

FleetManagerPlus is the exciting solution to manage any organisation’s vehicles. As fleet management software goes FleetManagerPlus gives you all the power you need.

Mercedes Benz Head On> </p>
        <h2>New Fleet Management Software for 2017</h2>
        <p>FleetManagerPlus has been dramatically upgraded for 2017. We talked to our customers to find out where we needed to improve. Some customers run
            fleets of 100+ to 200+ vehicles, they require good reporting and simple management. Other have fleets of 10 – 20 vehicles and they really wanted
            one fleet management system to replace multiple systems like spreadsheets plus document folders. With this feedback we’ve created a powerful
            fleet management software that is FleetManagerPlus.</p>
        <h2>Manage your vehicles at your fingertips</h2>
        <p>All your data about you’re your vehicles in one place. FleetManagerPlus has been developed by OVL Group Ltd and we’ve been working with businesses
            for over 25 years. With that experience we’ve designed a fleet management software tool to be simple and efficient. Wherever your vehicles
            have been sourced they can be held on FleetManagerPlus. That means vehicles you have sourced through any OVL Group Brands. And it means vehicles
            from any other supplier. All in one fleet management system. That’s the joy of FleetManagerPlus. It’s built to make your life that little bit
        <h2>Free future upgrades</h2>
        <p>As part of the license fee to use FleetManagerPlus future upgrades are included. So if we make changes during the year, you will benefit from these
            without further charges. Your fleet management system license is renewed annually. If there are any upgrades to our fleet management software,
            your account manager will make sure you are aware of them and how they could benefit you.</p>
        <h2> Loved by our customers</h2>
        <p>In pre-launch conversation with our customers we have been demoing the new 2017 version. And our customers love it. Check out these comments:</p>
        <h2>See a demo of our fleet management software with your data</h2>
        <p>You can see how FleetManagerPlus can work for you with a free fleet management system demo with your data. All you need to do is give us a few
            registration numbers of your vehicles and we will do the rest.</p>
        <h2>Book a demo</h2>
        <p>You can book an online demo or we can set up a meeting. Just contact us for more details. We’ve got demo versions of organisations so that you
            can go into the fleet management software and explore. Take a look at a range of drivers and their details. Look into each vehicle, the spec
            of each, mileage and other data you want to see. Look at the documents that have been loaded. Then just imagine what FleetManagerPlus could
            do for you.</p>
        <p>As fleet management systems go FleetManagerPlus is well worth taking a look at.</p>





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