Modern Way to Manage Your Vehicles

Modern Way to Manage Your Vehicles

FleetManagerPlus is the modern way to manage your fleet. From one vehicle to many. From one van to a fleet of vans. Fleet management is all about making sure your vehciles do what you need them to do in the most efficient way. You want to minimoise the hassle you might get from your vehicles. For most businesses they are means to an end. Vehicles tend to be essential, but not what you do. They are a way for you to do whatever you do.

So fleet management is about making the running of your vehciles as simple as possible.

That’s what FleetManagerPlus does. Access data on your vehicles at anytime, anywhere. Check out the details of your vehicles form C02 to P11D values. 

You can organise and manage a fleet policy. Decide which types of vehicles can be driven by different roles in your business. Drivers can access one level of data, with your admin roles accessing data across the fleet.

It’s just a great deal easier with FleetManagerPlus.