Do you know your fleet’s carbon footprint?

Carbon footprints are a key tool for efficient fleet management, yet most organisations don’t calculate an accurate footprint for their business transport. Did you know that OVL Group’s free Fleet Management software Fleet Manager Plus can auto generate carbon footprint reports for your entire fleet. 

With the environmental crisis never far from the headlines or our minds businesses should show a keen interest in their carbon footprint – in fact since April 2019 the SECR framework has meant there is an obligation for businesses of a certain size to report their carbon and energy use – read more here.

There are cost saving benefits to measuring your carbon footprint too. Identifying drivers who have higher than average fuel consumption, for example, can result in delivery of training and a reduction in fuel costs.

The simplest way to calculate tailpipe emissions of CO2 is to measure fuel consumption. Just add your fuel bills each period to see how much CO2 you have produced.

Fleet Manager Plus generates a carbon footprint report for you automatically. Just upload your vehicle details, mileage etc and the system will do the rest. 

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