Fleet Management System Cost

What are the costs of a fleet management system? As you would expect there is a wide range of costs associated with fleet management systems. With a reasonably large fleet you could pay many £10,000’s per year. There are complex contracts and all sorts of chrging arrangements. At FleetManagerPlus we’ve taken a different approach. FleetManagerPlus …

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Fleet Management Driver benefits

Fleet Management Driver Benefits

A common question is what are the benefits to your drivers of a fleet management system? Whilst there are many fleet management systems available we can tell you about the driver benefits of FleetManagerPlus. The first and biggest benefit to any driver with FleetManagerPlus is the access to data whenever you need it. If the …

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FleetManagerPlus saves time

FleetManagerPlus saves time

What’s your most valuable asset? Or should we ask, what’s the most valuable asset in your business? Your stock? Maybe your IP? Your locations? Maybe your contracts? How about your time, and the time of your people? Some people say they are time poor. One thing’s for sure, your time in running your business is …

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what is fleet management

What is Fleet Management?

This blog post aims to answer the question ‘What is Fleet Management?’ First of all, and unsurprisingly, Fleet Management is any activity related to the managing of a fleet of vehicles. This includes those people who have the role of fleet manager. But it can also include those people who look after an organisation’s vehicles …

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Fleet Manager Plus is FREE whether you source your vehicles from OVL Group Ltd or not

Fleet Manager Plus is competitively priced whether you source your vehicles from OVL Group Ltd or not

With FleetManagerPlus you can manage your fleet whether we supplied your vehicles or not. So if you have any number of vehicles you can get the full benefits of FleetManagerPlus software. The first step is a demo to see how the system works. Then we can load some of your vehicles onto FleetManagerPlus so that …

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dedicated account manager

Dedicated Account Manager

When you sign up for a demo with FleetManagerPlus you are given a dedicated Account Manager. This person is one of our team who will make sure the demo works for you and answers all the questions you may have about it.  If you decide to go ahead and use FleetManagerPlus to manage your fleet …

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