how is your fleet policy delieverd through fleetmanagerplus

How is your car policy delivered through FleetManagerPlus?

A car policy is where the business gives a range of company car options to people in different roles in the organisation. For example an Account Manager may choose between various models of Ford, Audi & GM cars, whereas a National Account Manager can choose between higher spec vehicles by the same manufacturers. The policy may include using specific fuel types, CO2 levels etc. With FleetManagerPlus you can deliver your vehicle policy through the system.

Drivers can see the range of vehicles open to them when their car is up for renewal. They simply log in and look at the cars available to them in the policy. To make it even simpler we can arrange test drives all the way through to ordering once they have made their selection. As your car policy changes this can be delivered through FleetManagerPlus as drivers see the latest options whenever they log in and look at the car policy options.

Using FleetManagerPlus to deliver your car policy makes things that little bit simpler and more efficient.