Electric vehicle fleet management software

Electric vehicle fleet management software

Many organisations are looking at their vehicles and assessing how they are going to move away from petrol and diesel. Some are using hybrids as a stepping stone and others are going full electric. Whatever your strategy you need to know the fleet management software you use can adaot to this transition. FleetManagerPlus gives you that piece of mind.

Fleet management simplicity

We developed FleetManagerPlus to be used with any vehicles whatever the power unit. Your fleet may include diesel, petrol, hybrid and full electric and this software will accommodate them all.

Cloud based access

All the data on your vehicles is available through this software. This includes information on the vehicle itself, as well as the driver and the relevant insurance. The history of the vehicle can be included plus any photos of incident s and accidents with the vehicle. It really is a full repository for the information on each of your vehicle.

Fleet policy

You may or may not have a full vehicle policy, but if and when you do develop a policy this fleet management software can adapt to it. A policy can be about types of vehicle, journey distances, usage and many other areas. We can help you design the policy to suit your organisation’s needs.

Discuss and implement

We will discuss with you how you would like the software to work for you. Your circumstances, what is happening now and the future direction of your business. A talk with one of our specialist, experienced account managers is where it begins.