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New Vehicle Ordering for Fleet Managers

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So much has changed since March 2020, that it almost seems easier to list things that have stayed the same. For fleet managers one of the most significant changes is order time scales. How long does to take to take delivery of a new vehicle?

The short answer is a lot longer.

The long answer is, it really depends on the make and model, but almost everything is on a much longer order timeline. Manufacturers are quoting between one to two years and some even more. Very little stock is being held by dealers, so any vehicles that are in stock are quickly sold.

For fleet managers it has become even more important to have a plan for your vehicles and order well in advance, that is 1 – 2 years in advance.

Might things change?

Maybe, but no-one knows if or when they will get better, so the clear message is to order as soon as you know you have a need. There is a temptation to just extend your existing vehicles and hope things change. Far better to extend and place an order for your new vehicle.