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Fleet management solutions

Fleet Management is a term new to lots of organisations as they grow. At first you might not think you even have a ‘fleet’. But then the number of vehicles increases slowly. Before you know where you are you have a bigger number of vehicles than you would have thought. You have a fleet of vehicles and they need managing. And someone needs to manage them. This is sometimes the business owner, but more often someone based in the office. It may be the office manager, a secretary, the finance manager or the HR manager. Fleet management is often an additional task for a person who already has a role. When businesses first need fleet management they often do not have a specialist person doing it.

Fleet Management Solutions

There are many Fleet Management Solutions available. FleetManagerPlus has been developed for business owners who want a simple way to manage their fleet. Any solutions need to have the following attributes:

  1. Economical.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Efficient.
  4. One place for all data.
  5. Accessible to those who need it at different levels.
  6. On line via laptop & mobile.

FleetManagerPlus has been developed as a Fleet Management Solution based on 29 years of vehicle leasing experience. We know what organisations want and we understand their pressures in day to day life. Fleet Management needs to be above all simple and efficient. Too easily the management of a fleet can take up too much time. The solution does not need to add more admin tasks. It needs to make things easier. Data needs to be easily and quickly accessible. Answers to everyday questions about the fleet need to be found and delivered in real time.

Fleet Management Solutions – replacing paper files

Any Fleet Management Solution will typically replace a part paper, part computer system. Often documents on each vehicle and driver are kept in a paper file. This will include photocopies of driving licences, copies of the finance agreement and details of any driving fines. On the computer there is sometimes an excel file with details of the vehicles. The benefits of a Fleet Management Solution like FleetManagerPlus include:

  1. All your excel docs and paper files and folders are replaced with one system.
  2. All the data on your fleet is held in one place. Paper documents are scanned in.
  3. It’s accessible via email & password login at different levels.
  4. Drivers can see one level of data, with the administrator, fleet manger or business owner being able to see everything.

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