What to consider when choosing fleet management software?

There is a lot to consider when looking for help with your fleet management. Here are some ideas to add to your thinking.


Well that’s a given. How does the cost compare to other options and to what your fleet management is costing now. Remember even if you haven’t purchased any particular fleet management system, there will still be a cost incurred in how you manage your fleet.

Is the system simple?

Is there a way to test the software to take a look at how simple it is? It’s a good idea to test the system as much as you can before you buy so that you can experience how well it will work for you.

Will the software give you the data you need?

Consider what you can and can’t do now. How easy is it to access your data and what is does the software offer? Again live testing will really help with this.

Web based

Is the system web based so that you can have access to your data whenever and wherever you need it?

How easy is implementation?

How simple is it to get started? What will be your activity and how much is done by the software company?

What support will you get?

Who will be your point of contact for any questions you have? Will you get a dedicated Account Manager?

What happens if you have a problem?

What is the process if you have a problem and how easy is it to access support people? How easy has it been to talk to people before you buy? Will you talk to the same people, after you buy?


What training is given on the software? What training do you need?


What security does the system offer? 


Make sure that any upgrades are part of your licence and that no extra fees are charged for upgrades.