what is a fleet management system

What is a Fleet Management System?

A fleet management system is a way of managing an organisation’s vehicles. As organisations grow vehicles can become an increasingly significant cost. Like any other cost this needs to be managed professionally. A fleet management system aims to do just this. FleetManagerPlus is a superb example of a cost efficient and simple fleet management system.

A fleet management system like FleetManagerPlus gives the user;

  1. Access to data about their fleet.
  2. Reporting on the fleet upon which business decisions can be made.
  3. Alerts to help manage the fleet day to day.

FleetManagerPlus encourages efficiency because the fleet manager can go into the system on a weekly basis, run reports and plan the required activity for that week.

Access to data

The basic requirement of any system is to provide data on your fleet. This can include details on each of your vehicles, its specification, registration and any modifications. It can also include data on the driver. Finance agreements relating to each each vehicle should alos be part of your system, as well as insurance details. In addition any accidents and history of the vehcile could prove useful.


Data in the form of reports on your fleet can be very usfeul in assessing the performance of your fleet.

System Alerts

Alerts are a useful additon to your fleet management system. The system will alert the you if there are any issues that arise. For example, if an MOT is required, or if a vehicle is three months from being renewed, the system will send an alert. This means the system is working to hep you manage your fleet.

To summarise, a fleet management system is there to support you in having accesible data, useful reports and help in managing your fleet.