What is Fleet Management?

What is Fleet Management?

At first sight it seems like a basic question, what is fleet management? But if you’re new to any aspect of running a business, how are you supposed to know what something is?

Fleet Management at its simplest means the process of managing the vehicles operated by the company. This can mean cars, vans or commercial vehicles.

As far as definitions go it can also mean just knowing where to find information about your vehicles. Their make, model, who drives them, where they are, etc. 

what is fleet management

Looking after the vehicles in a business when you have just a few is fairly simple. Knowing when cars need MOTs, when finance contracts are about to end, how many miles they should have done, can fairly easily be kept in your head. But then why would you? Time is best spent doing whatever your business is.

Any fleet manager has responsibility for providing the business with data on which to base decisions. Managers need up to date and accurate data such as the current cost of the fleet, both monthly and annualy. They need to know the projected costs of the fleet looking forward to the rest of this year and future years.

Fleet management also means identifying opportunities to make efficiencies and make changes. Understanding the mileage of each vehicle and journey distances, can help when looking at the possibility of changing to electric cars.

A professional Fleet Management solution like FleetManagerPlus takes away the need to remember stuff about your vehicles. It’s all on the system. And if you want to check it, it’s easy because it’s on line.

When you have a larger fleet, reports and access to data are even more important.

If Fleet Management is the term we use for managing the vehicles in a business, then FleetManagerPlus is the tool that makes doing this simple and quick.

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