What is Fleet Management Software?

What is Fleet Management Software?

This FleetManagerPlus blog article answers the question ‘What is Fleet Management Software?’

  1. Software = a computer programme
  2. Fleet Management Software; this means a piece of software specifically written to enable you to manage your fleet of vehicles. Whether your fleet is one vehicle or three hundred.
  3. Bespoke software written for small to medium sized organisations. Based on our 28 years of experience, FleetManagerPlus is designed to help small to medium sized organisations professionally manage their fleet of vehicles.
  4. Accessible from any device at any time. As the software is cloud based, you can access your data whenever and wherever you want to.
  5. Different levels of access. FleetManagerPlus gives you different levels of access, from Driver, to Administrator to Fleet Manager.

FleetManagerPlus is Fleet Management Software which has been updated for 2017. It is a powerful and cost effective way to manage your fleet. The FleetManagerPlus tool has been developed by OVL Group Ltd. With over 28 years’ experience in working with organisations with small and large fleets.

The key benefits of Fleet Management Software and specifically FleetManangerPlus include;

  1. Means you can manage your fleet of vehicles professionally.
  2. Enables you to control costs by developing simple vehicle policies within the software.
  3. Gives you easy access to any and all data on your vehicles.
  4. Reduces the need for questions from vehicle drivers as they can access data directly.

What is Fleet Management Software designed to do?

Fleet management software is designed to make managing your fleet more efficiently. Basically to make life a little simpler.

What is fleet management software best able to do?

Fleet management software like FleetManagerPlus is ideal for:

  • Keeping all your vehicle’s’ data in one place.

What is fleet management software able to do for small to medium sized businesses?

FleetManagerPlus has been specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses. It has been written with the user in mind. This means it’s simple and logical.