Fleet Management for Small Fleets

Fleet Management for Small Fleets

Is fleet management necessary for even the smallest fleets? Absolutely. 

Anyone who has one to a hundred vehicles in their fleet has fundamentally the same challenge. How do we keep control of our vehicles as a business expense and asset. What can we do to make sure managing the vehicle takes up only the minimum of time. How do we find information about any aspect of our vehicles quickly.

A small fleet could be anything from one to ten, or twenty vehicles. Business managers need to manage their vehicles just like any other part of their business. FleetManagerPlus helps you do just that. With a simple online login using email and password the user has access to all of their vehicles whether cars or commercials. This means all the technical data on each vehicle is stored in one place. And it means data on each driver. It means when you think of your vehicles you think FleetManagerPlus. It’s that simple.

Any question you might have about your vehicle or vehicles would be held in FleetManagerPlus:

When is your your vehicle up for renewal?

When is the MOT due?

What is the P11D value of each vehicle?

What is the technical specification of each vehicle?

Who is driving which vehicle?

Where is all the data and paperwork on each vehicle and driver?


With FleetManagerPlus the answer is easy. Whatever the size of fleet the answer is the same. FleetManagerPlus.