How FleetManagerPlus helps improve cost management

How FleetManagerPlus helps improve cost management – mileage

Running a fleet of vehicles means managing a cost to the business. That’s the same for a one vehicle fleet as it is for a 200 vehicle fleet. The fleet has to be managed efficiently as a business cost. 

FleetManagerPlus gives gives you the power to manage the cost of your fleet, and improve how you manage your vehicle costs. This is one of the features of this popular service.

With FleetManagerPlus you can review the mileage of each vehicle and fleet in total. This means you can learn by comparing the projected mileage against the actual mileage throughout the lifetime of the contract. The cost of each vehicle is linked to the projected mileage you expect it to be driven for. The higher the mileage the more the monthly lease cost. If in fact the mileage is less than expected, then future contracts can be amended to reflect this. If the mileage is more than expected you may end up with and end of lease cost that needs budgeting for. And this may impact on future decisions on vehicle choices.

We may not always be talking about massive sums, but every bit helps. And in a professional business every cost should be managed professionally.

FleetManagerPlus enables fleet managers to better manage their fleet and the costs associated with it.