Fleet Management Driver benefits

Fleet Management Driver Benefits

A common question is what are the benefits to your drivers of a fleet management system?

Whilst there are many fleet management systems available we can tell you about the driver benefits of FleetManagerPlus.

  1. The first and biggest benefit to any driver with FleetManagerPlus is the access to data whenever you need it.
  2. If the driver wants to check their mileage against the expected contract mileage they can.
  3. If they need to see any technical data about their vehicle, that’s in the system.
  4. If they want to check the tax implication of their vehicle, that’s available.

Any data that the driver needs to access whenever they want it, is available on line, via FleetManagerPlus.

2. Your driver can upload any documents they wish to relevant to their vehcile. This includes their basic docs like drivers licence and other docs. If they have an accident and want to upload some photos of the scene, they can do that. Any docs that are related to their vehcile can be uploaded and then viewed by the driver and the fleet manager.

3. Should the driver need to contact the lease company, driver assitance, tyre replacement, windscreen maintenance, all the contact details for these either is automatically, or can be loaded for them.

Basically any and all information relating to their vehcile can be accessed through FleetManagerPlus, making life that little bit easier for your drivers.