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Fleet Management Software; six reasons why you should be using it

Fleet Management Software is one of the buzz phrases of the moment. Whether you run a small, medium or large fleet, having access to data via fleet management software will simplify the way you manage your fleet.

You can wave goodbye to endless spreadsheets or files and keep all of your information in one place, accessible through the cloud, making it convenient wherever you are working. 

FleetManagerPlus (FM+) is the professional Fleet Management System from OVL Group Ltd and for those fleets already using it, is proving to be a user friendly, time saving tool.  

FleetManagerPlus isn’t just about data storage – here are some other reasons why many organisations are using this flexible software. 

1. FM+ is simple to use

Fleet Management software is all about efficiency, so the last thing you need is a system that is complex and time consuming to learn. 

FleetManagerPlus is simple to set up and use. Once logged in you can see all of the data on all your vehicles via the user friendly and clear navigation system.  

2. FM+ gives you all the infomation you will need

From P11D values to engines sizes, driver details or renewal dates, all the data you need on your fleet is stored in FM+. You can access this data for individual vehicles or generate reports.

3. FM+ gives you access to your data in one place

All the data on your fleet is in one place. No longer do you need paper files in filing cabinets, or excel spreadsheets. FleetManagerPlus does it all for you in one place and thanks to it being cloud based you can access your data, wherever you are. 

4. Get your drivers involved

FM+ enables fleet managers to set tasks for drivers – from uploading copies of driving licenses to logging mileage and scheduling vehicle checklists, the system is focussed on time saving and convenience for the everyday information that is needed.

5. Dedicated Account Manager

Every FM+ user is provided with a dedicated Account Manager who is on the end of a phone or email to help with any queries you may have and to ensure you are using FM+ to it’s full potential.

6. Get the technology to do the hard work for you

Time management and efficiency are the biggest reasons for businesses to adopt fleet management software. By automating the operations and going paperless, your business is likely to see fewer human errors and faster decision-making processes.

To find out more about how FleetManagerPlus could help your fleet management process please contact our team or click here to find out more.